Iíve lived my life Ďtill now the best I could
I was married to a woman I thought I understood
It did not work out right so I started all over again
And even now Iím not sure Iím not sure if I can win

She means the world to me the best that I could have
The girl that I have now tries hard to make it last
But I donít think itís right to keep on going this way
I packed my bags to-night to-morrow Iíll be on my way

Loosing out on nights that we should be to-gether
Ringing up by day to find that sheís not there
Playing hard to get is something I canít do without
Iím at the end of the road a road thatís going nowhere

The kids donít come between us they are good to me
Theyíre trying to get it right as best can be
Iím holding on to something I donít ever want to lose
Iíve been dealing out the cards but the trumps are her to use