I wonít try to tie you down
Wonít work late or hit the town
All Iíll do is sit at home and love you

The past is gone the futureís bright
What weíve done I know is right
Stay with me and all Iíll do is love you

You make me happy all the time
Even when youíre far away
ĎCause knowing youíll be coming back
Brightens up my darkest day

You know exactly how I feel
I find that life is so unreal
If I canít have you here to say I love you

You make the sun light up my life
Come to me and be my wife
Let me show you just how much I love you


Margaret I just know youíre mine
For you itís make your mind up time
But Iíll be waiting knowing that youíll love me

             Chorus (ad lib)